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Kindergarten Alliance

Our Mission Statement

To nurture, support and encourage kindergarten teachers and children in the implementation of exemplary programs.

NKA at a Glance

The National Kindergarten Alliance is the only national organization dedicated specifically to kindergarten and zones des vacances scolaires. The NKA is a coalition of individuals and organizations that share a common goal of ensuring the highest quality education for our youngest learners. Your support is a commitment to facilitating quality education for all kindergarten children. The NKA invites you to become a member of this growing and vital organization. Click here for membership form and information.

The Goals and Purposes of NKA are:

About us

The National Kindergarten Alliance is the result of a summit of Leaders from various Kindergarten Associations, organizations, and interest groups from across the nation which met in January, 2000.
A call was issued to all interested leaders of Kindergarten associations, organizations, and groups throughout the United States via list serves, websites, contacts, etc.

Hosted by the California Kindergarten Association, this summit was called to explore the needs of Kindergarten Educators throughout the United States. Representatives from Alabama, California, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Texas gathered in San Francisco, CA (in conjunction with the California Kindergarten Conference) to share expertise, concerns, and needs from their home associations.

As a result of a full day of sessions, it was decided by the attendees that a national organization was needed to serve Kindergarten teachers throughout the United States. The group agreed that each state association needs to maintain its own autonomy. The name of the National Kindergarten Alliance was adopted.

Responsibilities were temporarily assigned to several delegates including a a chairperson, a treasurer, a committee to construct a website, etc.

Delegates are working behind the scenes on plans for obtaining grant monies, donations, etc. to help finance the establishment of this organization. We have received several personal donations as well as donations from other Kindergarten associations. Monies are needed to register as a non-profit organization, to maintain a website, for postage to keep our delegates informed, for publications, etc.

What Can You Do? Please contact us with your suggestions for projects, needs of your Kindergarten programs, ideas for obtaining the needed funding for this organization, etc.

NKA is now covering Pre-K and First Grade!
Pssst! Have you heard? NKA has a bigger umbrella this year!
Research, curriculum, book review and everything now includes Pre-School, Kindergarten and First Grade.
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The National Kindergarten Alliance

cosponsored its first mini workshop in conjunction with the

Orange County Public Schools Kindergarten Council

Member Organizations

Board of Directors

NKA President

Penny Pillack

P.O. Box 309

Agua Dulce, TX 78330

NKA Past President

Deborah Nunez

13906 Clovis Circle

Huntsville, Alabama 35803

NKA President-Elect

Penny Warner

228 Gildemeister Hall / Winona State University

Winona, MN 55987

NKA Treasurer

Liz Blek

27916 Via Granados

Mission Viejo, CA 92692

NKA Secretary

Mary Bess Biegner

804 Douglas Street

Alexandria, MN 56308

California Kindergarten Association (CKA) Representative

Carol Nicoli

1334 Standish Place

Arcadia, CA 91006

Kindergarten Teachers of Texas (KToT)


Nohemi V. Garza

2514 Shidler Drive

Brownsville, TX 78520

Minnesota Kindergarten Association


Lenne Holland

215 E. 1st

Blue Earth, MN 56013

Staff Development for Educators (SDE)


Catherine Dieter / Noelle Faccidomo

10 Sharon Road

Peterborough, NH 03458 ,

Kindergarten Forum


Anna Rainville

14275 Saratoga Avenue

Saratoga, CA 95014



Gayle Griffit-Green, M.E.

4450 Arapahoe Ave. Suite 100

Boulder, CO 80303

Frogstreet Publishing

Sharon Burnett

308 East Trunk St.

Crandall, Tx 75114

First Stage Publishing


Ruth Velasquez

8614 Gravenstein Way

Cotati, CA 94931


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Contact Information

NKA President
Penny Pillack,
P.O. Box 309
Agua Dulce, Texas 78330

Nohemi V. Garza
2514 Shidler Drive
Brownsville, Texas 78521

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P.O. Box 309
Agua Dulce, Texas 78330